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Female Roller Blader (She owns the trail) Ms Grant

Beware of the white very tan roller blader who is on the trail almolt every morning. She has a a small Cardinals purse on her back. Don't get in her way or try to tell her you are passing or she will go off on you. I have also heard her go off on two ladies walking with kids in strollers that were to close to the center line. Most people are very friendly on the trail.
posted Aug 20 2012 3:53PM - Casual Bike Rider, St Louis

Yeah, I've seen her before. I use the trail a lot to get from point A to point B and people like that I just buzz around them on my bike. Most people I don't announce "on your left" because they usually have ear buds on and can't hear you anyway!
posted Sep 8 2012 9:52PM - Anonymous, St. Louis

I just encountered her yesterday on the trail. She is very angry at the world. She cussed me every which way when i said "on your left". Pretty sad...
posted Oct 22 2012 12:44PM - Bea, St louis

this lady is a psycho. she verbally abuses many on the trail. she used profane language in front of my children when we announced and passed on the left. i use the trail alot and have witnessed her abuse on more than one occasion. she doesnt deserve to use the trail with behavior like that.
posted Dec 4 2013 9:22PM - family man, crestwood


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