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Please follow rules of the trail!

Yesterday I nearly had two accidents due to trail users NOT obeying the rules of the trail. First, if you need to stop, please pull OFF THE TRAIL! With you just standing there at a dead stop on the lane prevents a safe passing from cyclists / rollerbladers when there are others approaching on the opposite side. Second, by all means, would you PLEASE stop cycling / walking in GROUPS? Treat the trail as though it's an actual road! Single file please...passing when necessary. You can NOT safely pass when there is a GROUP on the other side. Third....the street light crossings have 'countdowns' of how much time you have to cross. By all means, if you are cycling with small children, do NOT depart from your children to beat the light by TWO SECONDS....while your children are trying their best to keep up with you. Case in point....yesterday at the Watson Road crossing, a woman and two children (the smallest child on training wheels)....the woman raced across the intersection with only 2 seconds left on the traffic signal. The two children tried their best to keep up with her. By the time that traffic signal reached 'STOP', the woman was already crossed, while the two children were stranded in middle of intersection as the one child on training wheels crashed in the middle of Watson Road! I took it upon myself to ride into traffic in order to get the child OUT OF THE ROAD along with his bike, and held onto him so he wouldn't venture out in traffic, while the woman stood on the other side WATCHING. She literally waited until the traffic signal changed again giving the OKAY to go...and she came back to the middle of the intersection. I told her of my observation that she only had 2 seconds left when she crossed, forcing her children to be left in the middle of watson road, trying their best to keep up with her. She responded with an extremely smart attitude of "well I was with them the entire time". Bullcrap. Zero acknowledgement of her wrong-doing, and of co
posted Jun 9 2013 7:34AM - Shannon - cyclist, St. Louis

Part of my post was cut off. In short, I went on to say that this trail needs some patrolling of some kind. There was even a woman who was feeding her baby on the trail, at a dead stop on an extremely busy section. When us users of the trail attempt to inform these folks that they are creating a dangerous situation, they become extremely rude, defensive, etc. And when coming to a dead stop, please by all means look behind you before you stop suddenly. THEN MOVE OFF THE PAVEMENT! This is how I wiped out yesterday due to a sudden stop and stand on the pavement with no regards if someone was behind, and no opportunity to safely pass due to a GROUP (not single file) on the opposite side.
posted Jun 9 2013 10:58AM - Shannon - cyclist, St. Louis

I am a runner so don't face the same risks as bikers. But, I always try to keep as far to the right as possible. I frequently come up on oblivious walkers who are taking up most of the width of my side of the trail putting me at risk of getting hit by bikes behind or coming towards me. I did have one moron biker on Saturday who just missed my shoulder even though I was running on the widened part of the westbound trail from Orlando's. Not a single soul around. It seems like many people are clueless.
posted Jul 9 2013 1:30PM - Darren

Same here I stay as far to the right as I can and they still get to close for comfort for me, there will be nobody coming in the on coming left lane and yet there are some arrogant bikers who seem to think they always have the right of way. I want to say the majority are very nice but there are just a few who spoil it for the rest of us. And believe it or not, we can't always hear you coming until you are right on top of us so stop thinking we are out there to annoy you on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted Jul 29 2013 2:41PM - Anonymous


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