Border to Border Trail FAQ

The B2B Trail is 39 miles long, from the eastern end in Belleville (east of Ypsilanti) to the farthest western end at Lyndon.

There is also a 4.5 mile section between Dexter and Hudson Mills.

See the Border to Border Trail Mileage Charts for distances between towns.
Yes, the B2B Trail is paved. A few small sections use boardwalks.
A small section of the B2B trail, east of Ypsilanti, uses streets. Also the route from Dexter to Chelsea, and Chelsea toward Lyndon/Stockbridge, uses roads.

You'll use bike lanes in some locations, such as along Huron River Drive between Ann Arbor and Dexter. The rest of the trail is off-road, although you will need to cross streets in a few places.
B2B Trail: Huron River Drive
Photo: Trevor Scott
Huron River Drive northwest of Ann Arbor
Yes, e-bikes are allowed on the B2B Trail. Please maintain a safe and prudent speed, as the trail can get crowded with bikes and pedestrians.
No, you cannot expect the trail to be cleared of snow and ice.

However, you will see people using the trail in all types of weather. Please be cautious of slick surfaces in wet or freezing conditions.
B2B Trail in winter
Photo: Trevor Scott
B2B Trail in Winter, near downtown Ann Arbor
No, you may use the trail free of charge. However, there is an entrance fee if you drive into any of the Metroparks for parking.
The majority of the trail follows the Huron River, so it is mostly flat.

Yes, but pets must remain leashed and under your control at all times. Avoid blocking the trail with the leash, as cyclists and your pet could get injured by a "clothesline" incident.

Please be a courteous pet owner and pick up after your pet.