Frisco Highline Trail FAQ

The southern-most eight mile portion of the Frisco Highline Trail is paved, between Springfield and Willard. At the northern end within Bolivar, three miles are paved.

The remainder of the trail is crushed gravel, which packs down to a solid surface. If you've ever ridden on the Katy Trail, it's the same type of material.
The Frisco Highline Trail crosses over 16 bridges, concentrated along the northern half of the trail, between Walnut Grove and Bolivar.

Probably the best-known (and longest) is the Highline Bridge, about a mile east of Wishart. And about 2 miles south/west of Wishart is the historic stone Little Sac River Bridge, built in 1884. Each of the sixteen bridges has its own unique historical character.

Hobo Haven Bridge 18.25  68 feet
Eudora Bridge 19.25  55 feet
Venable Spring Bridge 21.25  84 feet
Revis Bridge 21.75  40 feet
Little Sac River Bridge22.5  270 feet
Quarry Rock Bridge 23.75  15 feet
Dutton Bridge 24  41 feet
Wishart Bridge 24.75  193 feet
Highline Bridge 25.5  317 feet
Truman Bridge 26  260 feet
Siggle Creek Bridge 26.5  209 feet
Morrisville Bridge 26.75  97 feet
Frisco Bridge 28.25  83 feet
Whistle Stop Bridge 29.25  235 feet
Hickory Point Bridge 29.75  42 feet
Broadway Street Bridge 35.5  38 feet
The Frisco Highline Trail is open from sunrise to sunset, year round.
Yes, pets are allowed on the trail! However, please observe the following:
  • Keep your pet on a leash
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Be aware of and alert for other people on the trail. The other trail user and you pet and could be seriously hurt if your pet jumps at them, or if the leash blocks the flow of the path.
Please report trail issues to Ozark Greenways; the contact is John Montgomery at (417)864-2015 /