Little Miami Scenic Trail

Ohio's Little Miami Bike Trail runs 78 miles, between Cincinnati and Springfield.

Also known as the Little Miami Scenic Trail, it follows the Little Miami River across Ohio. You'll pass through rural settings, small towns, some suburbia, and mostly wooded river environments.

The southern length of the trail, between Xenia and Cincinnati, is part of the Ohio to Erie Trail which crosses the entire state of Ohio.

Several other trails intersect the Little Miami; you'll find them listed below near the bottom of the page.

Other trails intersecting Little Miami Scenic Trail:

Creekside Trail - runs 15 miles from Xenia to Dayton (Eastwood Metropark)
Lebanon Countryside Trail - runs 8 miles from South Lebanon to Lebanon
Prairie Grass Trail - runs 29 miles from Xenia to London
Simon Kenton Trail - runs 32 miles from Springfield to Bellefontaine