Paul Bunyan Trail Travel Timeline

Your Travel Timeline will show expected time of arrival at each location, travel time between locations, and a map of your trip in half-hour increments.
For lists of businesses and services along your route, please use the Paul Bunyan Trail Trip Planner Tool.
1. Choose your starting town and ending (or turn-around) town:
Starting town:
Ending town:
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3. Select the starting time for your ride:
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4. Select your planned average speed:
Speed: miles per hour
This usually ranges from 8MPH (7.5 minutes per mile) for casual riders to 15MPH (4 minutes per mile) for more seasoned cyclists. Expect to ride a few MPH slower on gravel than your normal speed on pavement.
5. Add break time for each trailhead:
Break time at trailheads: minutes
Break time: This allows you to account for the average stop time at locations along your route. Your timeline will factor in this many minutes of break time at each trailhead/town. Use 0 for straight-through time without stopping.
6. Click the blue Build Timeline button to build your Travel Timeline:

Please only click once; your browser will refresh within about 30 seconds (longer trips and roundtrips take longer)
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