Air Line Trail

Connecticut's Air Line Trail runs around 62 miles, from the center of the state near Middletown, to the state's northeast corner. From there it continues into Massachusetts's Southern New England Trunkline Trail for another 23 miles to Franklin MA.

We have included both the Air Line State Park Trail and the Southern New England Trunkline Trail in this website, for the full 85 mile experience.

There are actually a couple of gaps in the trail, with easy on-street options. Our Air Line Trail Map uses Google Maps' suggestions to connect through these gaps, but you may choose othe routes of your own. You'll find these road-based sections at Willimantic and Putnam, both in Connecticut.

The Southern New England Trunkline Trail brings you through the edge of urban Woonsocket RI, but most of this route is much more remote, with some small towns mixed in.
Air Line Trail in Connecticut

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