Farmington Canal Heritage Trail

Connecticut's Farmington Canal Heritage Trail runs around 54 miles from the campus of Yale University in New Haven, north to the Massachusetts state line. From there, the Southwick Rail Trail and Columbia Greenway Rail Trail continue another ten miles to Westfield MA, just outside of Springfield.

This website treats the Farmington Canal Trail, Southwick Rail Trail, and Columbia Greenway Rail Trail like one single trail for measurement and mapping purposes - because it will feel like one big long 64 mile trail to you. When we refer to the Farmington Canal Trail, we're also including the Massachusetts rail-trails.

As indicated by the trail names, the Farmington Canal Trail mostly follows the route of the old Farmington Canal, while the rail-trails mostly follow old railroad routes. There are some on-road portions, mainly through Southington and part of Avon. Our maps use Google Maps cycling suggestions for these on-road sections.

Farmington Canal Trail in Hamden CT
Hamden CT

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